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Hoggs Win Single Sex Nationals

Hoggs Win Single Sex Nationals

Records were broken at the BSF’s 2014 Single-Sex Slowpitch National Championships on the weekend of 12-13 July in Birmingham, with 34 teams and eight title winners making it the Federation’s largest-ever Nationals. In the top competitions, The Hoggs from Manchester won the Men’s Platinum title with a thrilling comeback win over Blue Steel from London, while the […]

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The Manchester softball league has been running since the
early 1990’s, and recently hosted a 20th year anniversary match. Since starting with jumpers for bases, the league has grown and now has four divisions and hundreds of players.

Softball is a great fun and is now more established than ever as a sport in the UK. All MSL divisions are co-ed (mixed gender) and each team must play 5 male and 5 female players on the pitch. The range of abilities is varied and runs from complete beginners to international standard players.

If you’re totally new to softball, it is in effect, the social form of baseball. Many of the rules from baseball apply to softball with a few tweaks here and there. Discover more and Find out how you can give it a go!

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Softball in Manchester is competitive but friendly. There is a very strong social aspect (and plenty of beer!) and will constantly challenge you to improve!

New Players

We ALWAYS welcome new players and would encourage anyone and everyone to give it a go. It doesn’t matter if you’ve played before or not we run welcome sessions for everyone. If you have played before then we can find the most appropriate team based on your skill level.

Many of our players come from other sporting backgrounds including cricket, tennis, badminton, hockey, golf, baseball and so on. If you’ve played any of these sports and fancy trying something different and meeting new people then softball is the ideal sport for you.

Although we will warn you that its addictive and you may well catch the “softball bug”. For more details just click the give it a go logo, send us your contact details and we will get back to you with details of up coming events.

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